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Wake up every morning, in the reality, that you are living the life you have been wishing and dreaming for.

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A 90-day series where you will create the life you love.


This 90-day series will walk you through the life you are living, have you get present to what is truly working for you and what isn’t and give you the framework you need to set a vision for your life, create a pathway to get there and to develop agency for yourself so you can walk away saying…

“I know what I want, I know how to get there
and I believe I can make it happen!”

A question you must ask yourself, 
“Is this the life I wanted for myself, or is it something else?”

Wishing for it will get you nowhere.

Do you find yourself saying, over and over again…

→ “I can’t”
→ “I do not have time”
→ “I wish I could”
→ “I’m busy”
→ “Everything is fine”
→ “It isn’t the right time”
→ “That can’t happen”
→ “Maybe in another life"


And at the core of it all, are the potential feelings of frustration, resignation, despair, maybe even hopelessness.

You know you want more for yourself, something that makes you feel alive and awake, and you know something isn’t working, but you can’t figure out what it is, and trying to figure it out is making you more frustrated, tired and exhausted, so you settle for what is and keep on plugging along.


Your life has become a habitual routine, one that is leaving you less than satisfied.


Does this sound familiar?


  • You see other people packing their bags for adventure and you wonder what it must be like to be so spontaneous.

  • You daydream about what it must feel like to just suddenly get up and do exactly what you want, without figuring out the details or making all the plans.

  • You want slow mornings, where you can sit on the porch, drink your coffee and listen to the birds.

  • You wish you knew how to make yourself feel better, what to eat, how to get present and the best way to move your body.

But Instead....


  • You find yourself waking up to the same chaos, day in and day out, just to go to bed and get up the next morning to do it all over again.

  • You put off all those dreams of traveling, living spontaneously, being vicarious and settle into the routine that is comfortable and predictable.

  • You rush out of bed each morning, thinking about all the things you need to do and suddenly find yourself running late because you have unintentionally been on your phone for an hour.

  • You stand in front of the fridge every night, trying to talk yourself out of your late night snack, just to eat it anyway, with guilt and shame that there is something wrong with you.

  • You keep planning your next big health adventure, the thing that will finally make you feel better, only to find out it doesn’t work, just like the last couple of dozen gimmicks you have tried in the past.

  • You can plan, put off activities, ignore phone calls, all because you are too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed to deal with it all.

And you find yourself going to bed every night wondering where the day went, where the week went, where the year went.  

Here is the hard truth - One day you will wake up and wonder, 

“Where did my life go?”


Change is about choice!
And you are the only one who
can decide to choose change.


Don’t get me wrong, I feel you. It is so easy to get sucked into the day in and day out habitual routine that suddenly became your life. Our brain runs better when it is dealing with familiarity, which is why anything different from what you are used to will send your brain spiraling.


But there comes a time when you must decide if you want keep settling for the life that you find yourself in, by accident and without intention, 




If you want a life rooted in what you intentionally choose, based on your vision for yourself, and that you create of your own agency, your own personal authority.

You’re right!


I remember sitting on the porch of our tiny house, in the middle of nowhere, on my farm thinking, “I created this life, and it’s good… but something feels off.” I loved my life on the farm, or so I thought……

I kept asking myself, “why was I feeling this way, like something was missing?”

Once I stopped wondering and started feeling, it came to me so clearly,  I was frustrated. I was frustrated with our lack of progress, with the property owners' communication, with the amount we were driving into town and so much more. Once I knew I was frustrated, I was able to make some decisions and get into action. The choices I had to make where not easy, but I stepped into my own agency and knew it was time to leave the farm. I knew, deep down, that there was something bigger for me. 

The choice was to stay in the comfort of my routine, or the bigger life I was longing for.

Moving shifted everything! Doors started opening, opportunities were falling in my lap. Now, I wake up every day, look out at the view of this gorgeous lake we live on, nestled next to my dogs, and I feel alive. I feel a deeply rooted sense of community now, I am with people I love, my environment brings me joy and I make more and more choices that create the life I want to live, like traveling to Spain to hike for 3 weeks.


I can sit here and truly say I have a life I LOVE.

Making the choice was hard, but what came from it made it all worth it. 

I get it, it is hard! I’ve been there.


What will you choose?


"It is clear that Amy has lived and is living what she is teaching. I listened to her course twice and got even more out of it the second time!"


Close your eyes and try on this reality for a moment.


  • You know exactly what you want in all areas of your life, your career, relationships, health, play, and you are executing on your plan so that everything fits into your now intentionally laid out schedule.

  • You have a clear and simple exercise routine that you love and have fun doing.

  • You cook food that tastes good, that you enjoy and that suits your body and nourishes you while also never feeling like you are going without.

  • You have a morning and evening routine that leave your life feeling calm and spacious.  You wake up refreshed every morning and ready to tackle the day.

  • You take all the trips, spend more time playing, connecting with your friends and family and you smile and laugh so much it hurts.

  • You not only set goals based on what you want and not the outside world, but you accomplish them and move closer to your big picture vision you have for your life.

  • You believe in yourself, at a deep in the bones level; so much so that all the doubt and hesitation has melted away and creating choices and making decisions become an easy part of your life.


Just imagine, moving through the day, mindfully, gracefully, and with a little bit of shine radiating off of you because you are so inspired by the life you have created.


All of the mundane, lackluster pieces of your life are gone and you are left with clear pathways and radiant possibilities.


It is time to stop living in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

A life of happiness, fulfillment, joy and pure delight, full of hope, is possible.

Do You Feel It?


"You can tell Amy loves what she does and puts a lot of heartfelt thought and planning into her courses. She brings incredible value by helping people transform to their next level of knowing in a space of belonging." 


- Christy


Over the course of 90 days you will...

  • Get present to what is and isn’t working in four key areas of your life: Relationships, career, physical health and recreational time.

  • Learn meditation and mindfulness practices that are easy, quick and actually work. 

  • Identify exactly what you want and do not want in all four key areas.

  • Try on new habits and routines and learn to decide for yourself what works and what doesn’t by knowing what feels right for you, in your body and your mind.

  • Learn the framework needed to create change that lasts.

  • Discover the basics around emotional intelligence and how to apply it to your everyday life.

  • Discover the detailed vision you have for your life and set goals that help you get there.

  • Get your agency back and from there create clear pathways to accomplish anything you want.

So you can rise and shine everyday saying, 
“I am living the life I have chosen and love.”

Say no more...

Toss the mundane, habitual routines weighing you down and step into new routines that light you up.



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A series that will give you the foundation and framework for getting present, setting goals, and creating a clear path from a place of I know I can do this.”

How You’ll Get There…


Module One: Getting Present

The key to making your life work, is knowing what you want. Not sure? No worries, we will spend the first 2 calls getting you present to what you want and do not want. No more analysis paralysis for you! Through mindfulness, coaching and journaling, you will get clear on what you want in 4 key areas of your life: relationships, career, physical health, recreational time. Here is the best part, no cookie cutter instructions or plans, everything you choose will be something that is individualized and decided upon by you.


Module Two: Setting a Vision


Goals are great, and you will set those, but vision is more important. In this module you will take your dreams and wishes and break them down so you can make them come true. You will be able to clearly see the life you want to have in 5, 10, 20, 30 years and then create intentional, mindful steps and goals that will help you get there. This module is all about getting you to the place where you can confidently say, “I know exactly what I want.”

Module Three: Creating a Pathway


You will learn to create and make choices based on what you want vs being stuck in the habitual routines that you have happened upon.  Do you ever feel like you do not have a choice? Gone are those days. You will learn how to create a multitude of choices for yourself and then YOU get to decide which one you will bring into reality. From there, you will construct a clear path for yourself and walk away with a sense of “I know how to make this happen.”

Module Four: Developing Agency


Agency is a feeling of control over something, yep, you read that right, control. And this is control over yourself that we are talking about. The sense of control that leaves you with the belief that “I believe in myself and that I can do anything.” Once you develop agency, you will no longer be afraid to take risks, face failure or change when needed. This is key to creating a life that you love, one that you must constantly mold and adapt to the ever-changing world. When you have a sense of control of self, you no longer need to control anything outside of you. 

Are you ready to get clear and present and claim your own agency?

Meet your leader, Amy Andrews 

I know what it is like to feel stuck in a life you do not want, and I know what it takes to create something that you love. I believe that life really isn’t that complicated, we just tend to make it so. When we slow down, we are able to see our lives from a different perspective, get rid of the clutter, and keep things simple. When we keep things simple, we can free ourselves up for our creativity, rather than getting stuck in analyzing or indecision.  


And tapping into your own intuitive creativity is the key to creating your life.


Beyond creating courses to help other’s tap into the life they want, I am a yoga teacher, coach and mentor who is driven by curiosity and purpose. I run a family farm, makes tons of salsa and spend my weekend mixing yoga and wine in my second business. 

And I love having FUN! I believe making time for fun and play are essential to creating a joyful life. It is important to keep things light. It’s too easy to get caught up in all the responsibility and “shoulds” all of the time, which it what leads us to fall into lives we do not want. 

I am committed to helping you move out of this space and into a space of freedom, autonomy and celebration.


“Nothing grabbed my attention quite like Amy’s teaching and coaching. She is clear and concise in how she delivers the message and always creates space for questions and clarification. Her course also helped me set the foundation for my business so I could hit the ground running.”  


- Story


In only 90 days, you can change everything!



Hope, Inspiration, a thriving life is right around the corner.

Program Dates:

Mondays at 5:15pm PST

Sept 12 & 26, Oct 3 & 17, Nov 7& 21, Dec 5 & 19

Investment Options:

R&S Sign Up

Sneak a Peek Inside!


This series includes:

  • Bimonthly live zoom calls starting in September

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls 

  • Group support in a private Facebook group

  • Access to content and recordings for life

  • Framework for creating change that you can use over and over


You will get everything you need to get clear, make decisions and take action in your life.

You might be thinking…
 “I don’t have time for this.”

This is exactly why you are reading this right now, because you are stuck in the habitual, “I do not have time,” and it is driving you crazy. Busy has become the new normal, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to claim your time, get intentional around how you spend your time, then you will make time for this. Because at the end of the day, the truth is we are all running out of time, every single day, so what will you do with the time you have left?

“I can’t change.”

Sure you can! Just look back over the course of your lifetime and see how many times you have changed. Heck, look back at yourself and your life since 2020 and see all the changes you have made. Change is actually easy, it is choosing change that seems hard. But it is a choice that you have the power to make.

“Now isn’t the right time.”

Truth… never will be! There is not a moment in our lives ever where all the stars align and everything falls into place. You have to decide that now is the time, even with everything else that is going on, because there will always be other things going on.

“My life is too complicated, I have too many responsibilities.”

Yes you do, as does everyone. The question is, are you putting yourself at the top of that responsibility list? If you do not take care of yourself, you cannot really take care of anyone else. This series will not only help you prioritize your health and your happiness, but it will help you unravel all those complications so you can make it a little bit simpler.

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