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You're Not Alone

I hear it a lot and I know it's true, yet it's such an easy thing to forget. Sometimes I get so caught up in my emotions and what I'm going through that it can feel like I'm on an island alone, or swimming out at sea. It can feel easier to withdraw, to not say anything, to just keep my head above water and keep going.

Then, I share with someone, and it's like the whole world opens up. it happened yesterday. I was sharing with a friend who just listened and my whole body felt lighter. Then, she shared some tough things she was going through, and it clicked for me.

I am not the only one dealing with hard things right now!

We all have our things that we struggle with, both on a daily basis, and also those things that happen unexpectedly. No human is able to avoid it. I think the struggle is part of what makes life beautiful. I experience joy more fully when I allow myself to also experience sadness, anger, frustration... and yet. It's still challenging to feel those emotions without getting overwhelmed by them (at least it is for me!)

Sharing helps. I feel connected to someone else, less alone, and even inspired when I hear what they are going through and see that they're still living life and making it work. It makes me thin, maybe I am doing that, too!

It's like the idea of the grass always being greener somewhere else. It's really no greener anywhere else, we just think it is. Just like my struggles. I think I'm the only one going through things, but I'm not. I'm think I'm the only one who feels like I don't know what I'm doing , but I'm not. That's so comforting to me. Struggle is universal. so, why, if it's universal, is my first response (and maybe yours, too) to retreat and go it alone? What makes us go that direction? I don't have an answer. But I do know that I will keep catching myself when I go towards my little island alone and attempt instead, to share with someone, as a way of helping myself through the muck, and hopefully helping them, too.

If you're dealing with stuff... small or large... this is your reminder that you're not alone in it. And if you're like me and tend to clam up or retreat and go inward...don't forget to go outward every once in a while... throw out a life ring, share with someone, and get a little support. It goes a long way.

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