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Transition Time

September has arrived, and brought transition with it.

I can feel it in the air. The mornings are starting to get cooler. The light is shifting. Kids are back in school. Pumpkin spice lattes are at Starbucks (too early for my liking!) It's as if September gets here and we fast forward right into Fall. I am also reminded as we begin the transition from one season to the next, how antsy we all get to move head. In the winter, we can't hardly wait for spring and light and sunshine. In the summer, we can hardly wait for fall and coziness and soups. There's usually about 3 weeks before the actual next season starts that we just begin to move that way. Fall is my favorite season. I can't wait for it! AND. I'm reminded today that we are STILL in summer! We are still in warm days and time on the lake and enjoying the sunshine while we can. I'm doing my best to soak up each and every minute of it! Despite all that, the world around me, and even my own being, is itching to transition. It's like when we know something is coming, we're so quick to say, "ok, time to move on." The question I'm asking myself is

What am I missing out on by living from this "time to move on" place?

What opportunities are right in front of me that perhaps I'm not seeing because I'm so focused on what's next? Transitions are happening around us all the time, not just during the seasons. But I believe the transition of seasons gives us the opportunity to see how we show up. We can also get insight to this on our yoga mats. How do you transition from pose to pose? Do you anticipate what the teacher is saying? Anticipate when the pose will be over? Do you lose focus in the transitions? Are you steady? It's a good thing to start to notice when you're on your mat. When we can notice transitions physically in our bodies and how we respond, it can give us insight into how we might handle transitions off the mat. Today, for example, I found myself anticipating when the pose was going to be over. I was right in the "time to move on" space, and it shows in my life. Ok, summers over. Time to move on to Fall. And yet. My body says, "Wait!" Enjoy one more paddle. Enjoy sitting on your patio without a sweater. Enjoy eating lunch on the deck. Enjoy the freedom in your schedule right now. Enjoy it all. Enjoy it all, and be present for it all. I'm taking these next few weeks to pause, enjoy these last days of summer, and notice how I'm responding to transition. Join me in doing the same. When you feel the future oriented voice of anticipation taking over the conversation, pause. You might even say out loud, "we're not there yet!" Then, look outside, wherever you are. See the sights of summer still lingering around you. And, even if just for 1 minute, soak it in.

Yes, be mindful of what is coming. Don't allow it to take over what's happening in real time in front of you.

I'm hoping by practicing this, I'll be ready on September 22nd to welcome Fall with open arms, and you will too. Here's to 16 more days of summer and enjoying every one of them.

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