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The Key to Life Right Now? Love Yourself.

Last weekend, I spent the majority of my time running errands and baking sourdough bread. On the outside, two very, ordinary, some would say boring days. And yet, these were some of the happiest days of my week! Why? I attribute it ALL to my mental health. I noticed mid week I was feeling awful and realized it was because I was saying mean things to myself

"You're not good enough, you can't do that. No one will want to sign up. You can't run a business."

I heard my thoughts, and I got tired of them. So, I chose a new way. I chose to change my thoughts. I also chose to journal every night. Between journaling and gaining new insight each day into how and who I am being, and changing my thought pattern, two ordinary days turned into extraordinary days where I felt full of energy and life and was engaged with the world around me. What. a. difference.

If you've been following along lately, you know we've been discussing the 8 Limbs of Yoga and why it matters and why you might consider practicing... and you guys, this is all the whys! The awareness and insight I got into my life helped me and empowered me to make choices the directly affected my health and upped my vibration. As a result, I've now gotten curious anytime I feel my energy shift. "What am I saying to myself right now? How can I change the story line?" It's helped me notice where I'm stuck in same old same old thinking, where I'm stuck in thinking I know a situation or an outcome, and helped me see clearly in the moment what is ACTUALLY happening.

This could be in line at the grocery store behind an older person:

"Ugh, they're so slow." My mind says. I hear the thought. Are they really slow, or I am a little more impatient than usual? (It gives me something to consider, at least).

This could be on my yoga mat:

"Ugh. My hamstrings are always so tight!" are they always tight? Or are they just tight right now.

This could be with a spouse:

Tim NEVER does the dishes! Does he really never do them? or have I never bothered to ask him if he would help?

So what do all these examples have to do with self love?

Anytime I can catch myself in limited thinking... in thinking I "know"... is an opportunity to see and create possibility. I started my weekend thinking that baking bread and lazing around was not an ok thing to do. When I shifted that thinking, it became one of my favorite weekends of the summer! It opened up my heart to enjoy the super small moments like cuddling with my puppy, or watching our dogs play in the field. To sitting on the porch at a sunset. And all these things fill my heart up with love, and because I am full of love, I am better able to love myself and to tell myself nice things.

I'm committing to staying curious this week. To interrupting the narrative that always in my head. To seeing common situations or occurrences with new eyes.

What about you? What are you doing to up your mental health game? Do me a favor, go grab a piece of paper or your computer, or your notes app on your phone. Write down three nice things about yourself. Then write down where you are in limited thinking and what you can do to shift it. Make the choice to think nice things, get out of thinking you know everything, and directly affect your well-being.

Rooting for you,


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