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How to Keep Routine and Still Go with the Flow

If you know me, you know I LOVE my routine.

My routine keeps me sane, it lets me know what is coming, and it's a way for me to feel like I'm prepared for the unplanned things. My routine is my routine because I've built it to be that way. I've worked over time to learn what time of day I function best working, exercising, eating, etc. and I've crafted something that works for me. I'm the person who brings me own food and chai mix on any vacation, who sneaks away to do yoga or meditate, who often disappears in the middle of a group trip. What happens, though, when the routine gets interrupted or can't be followed in the way I would like? Most of my summer so far has felt that way. We've had trips and guests in town and a new schedule at the yoga studio. Our guest bedroom doubles as my office and demo space- its the space I use to practice yoga- so when guests are in town I have to practice somewhere else. I kept talking about how challenging its been to get into a routine this summer and then I realized... I'd simply been talking about the challenging without doing anything about it. I'd been saying I wanted/needed a change but hadn't been willing to make it. What I'm seeing around is my routine can still be my routine even if a few things look different. I can CHOOSE to do the things that support me, I just have to be willing to get creative!

  • I can still practice yoga, it just might mean I rearrange some furniture.

  • I can still meditate, it just might mean I get up a little earlier

  • I can still eat the way I like to, it just might mean we get creative in where we go out to eat and/or do fun meals at home.

  • I can still have me time, and it might mean I put some structures/processes in place so I get what I need.

The question becomes, what am I willing to sacrifice, and is it worth what it might cost me? Most of the time, the routine isn't just me, but for the benefit of those around me. Doing the above things make me a better human/more fun to be around/more present.

Just because the external things like people in our space change doesn't mean internally anything has to be different.

As I shared last week, we have access to peace at any time. This means, I would argue, that we also have access to keeping as much of our routine as we can at any time! I bring my routine with me (to the best of my ability) because I know it works for me, and especially in moments of stress of miscommunication, both of which tend to happen on vacations or when people come to visit. My routine is what keeps my feet on the ground in reality. I made the shift this week. I stopped complaining about my routine being out of whack and I did something about it. I got creative. You know what? It worked. I also discovered there were some thing missed from my old routine that needed to be added in (nightly tea on the porch, anyone?)

Giving myself permission to choose how my life looks was exactly what I needed to see this summer and this chaotic time with fresh eyes.

I'm now excited about what's to come, rather than caught up in the planning, because I know at the end of the day, I'll have my tools and my routine to back me up. I'll have structures in place to support me. What changes to your own personal routine could help you see this season in your life with fresh eyes? remember, it could be small. It might be as simple as waking up 5 minutes earlier, or having a glass of tea before bed. If you're looking for more tools like this to build your routine and put it into action, then join me for Create Your Life in September. You can click here for more information.

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