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Holiday simplicity

It's been one of those weekends for the memory books.

It started Friday night when I pulled out my reindeer costume for the third year in a row and went downtown to participate in the neighborhood Santa tour. I do it every year, because, boy oh boy to see the joy on a kids face when Santa drives by... it's pretty amazing. It'll get you in the holiday spirit quick!

Well, Friday was extra special because there was also a tree lighting ceremony, so us reindeer were helping out downtown. I ran into so many friends along the way, and again watched the joy in the children's eyes. It was magical. I walked away feeling so greatful to live in a small town where I can walk in a crowd and see so many familiar faces. Where i am known and people feel known by me. Heart= full.

Then, yesterday, we went on an adventure to chop down our Christmas tree. We went to a part of Chelan I've never been to before.

I got to see my town with new eyes, got to trek uphil to collect our tree. Laughed with friends and I accidentally rolled it down the hill. Watched the dogs and kids romp in the snow. Sat around the fire with hot chocolates and hot buttered rum looking around the circle and feeling so much love for friends who love to adventure, for community, for sharing of resources (thanks Dan for the chainsaw , lol!)

I told Tim that if we do nothing else this holiday season, that was enough for me. That was the magic of the holiday right there. So simple, and yet so meaningful.

In a season where everything feels like overload, and we're surrounded by lights and noise and parties and obligation, I'm reminded the the most amazing and special moments happen when all that fades to the background, and what's left is people and moments in time.

I don't think holidays aren't about the lights or the gifts or the parties. I think they're about celebrating the things that matter. And the things that matter don't have to be grandiose. They can be small, simple moments that fill your heart with joy.

This holiday season when you feel the overload... go do something simple with your people, make a memory, and let it carry you through what can be a complicated season/time.

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