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Focus can be FUN

I laughed so hard this weekend .

I just finished up week 3 of teacher training and I am both exhausted and also invigorated. It was a week full of fun moments, of learning, of epic mind blows and meaningful conversations. I've been very serious about teacher training. I want to lead well. I want to make sure these gals have exactly what they need leaving to be the best teachers possible. As a recovering perfectionist, I've been looking at what I can do to make everything just a touch better. What I got clear on this weekend is all the content on the world does not a good training make. It's the intention behind it that makes the difference. There is a principle in Baptiste Yoga that states "Be intentional in creating the physical foundation of the pose and being up to something bigger than yourself." We could take this quite literally, in a yoga pose, and it also translates off the mat. I often ask myself,

"What is my intention behind what I am doing?"

This gets me into a space of purpose and also takes the focus off of me and what I need and instead onto what I want to create.

I'd been so focused on the seriousness of teacher training that I'd forgotten one of the key takeaways I had written down for the program: FUN.

I got to the studio this morning and put dance music on. I took myself less seriously in practice. I let the conversation go a little haywire. What unfolded was a magical weekend of connection and also of big breakthroughs and learning. Yes, learning to teach is serious, and its important to be there of our students, AND, learning to teach can also be SO FUN and exciting and invigorating. We can focus AND have fun at the same time. It's not an either or. From allowing focus to be fun, I experienced a lightness I haven't felt in a while. I eased up on the pressure to be perfect and I let myself be me. Guess what? Because I did this, I started to see it in the students. I saw their authentic personalities and quirks and uniqueness shine through. It made my heart sing. Where have you been so focused on being focused that you've forgotten to have fun? Where can you make a game out of focus and turn it into something exciting? I can promise you this: It'll create a lighter space for everyone around you.

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