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Corona Week 6: Give Yourself Some Credit

Well, here we are in week 6. Sometimes I look back at this time and am amazed we all made it this far! If you're anything like me, coming into this week, you are seeing all the "shoulds." I should be getting outside and exercising. I should be more motivated. I should do x... those things are all well and good.. and. We MUST acknowledge that we are in sustained trauma. That these times are different and new and with different and new things comes a lot of learning and discovery and also falling down and failing and screwing things up. We must acknowledge that this "new normal" is still new... and with that means loss and weirdness and trying to figure all the shit out. And so, with that, I wanted to give you YOU permission, to give ME permission... to honor ourselves a bit. To look at what we've done that we are proud of these last 6 weeks.

What have you done these last 6 weeks that you didn't think you could do? Get out of bed? Teach yoga on Zoom? Take yoga for the first time? Keep date nights going? Start weekly trivia with friends? Talk to your family more than you did before? Figure out how to be a teacher online to your students in school? When you look back... what are you proud that you figured out or accomplished or pushed through? It is SO IMPORTANT to acknowledge the process we are in. Yes, we are in growth and its messy and hard and it often means we have to do things we don't want to and we need to give ourselves a pat on the back for that shit!

If you need some inspiration, here's my top ten that I'm proud of myself for:

1. I quit drinking alcohol almost completely (it was becoming way too much of a way to numb).

2. I did 1,000 squats, 500 pushups and 500 situps in 6 days

3. I got Zoom up and running and started teaching and taking my yoga classes online.

4. I got reconnected to my friends in Seattle through our new weekly trivia night.

5. I finished a really hard 1,000 piece puzzle (lol!)

6. I lead a 40 days program for school teachers in our area

7. I sent snail mail to a whole bunch of my friends.

8. I finally got my website functional after 2 years of it sitting basically doing nothing.

9. I stuck with a consistent yoga practice, and actually probably practice more now than before quarantine

10. I gave myself time and space to mourn and cry and be sad... and also to find joy.

Now remember, my top 10 will be different from yours. maybe your's includes getting through a day with your kids. getting dressed. showering. Take today, this week... to honor yourself for all the things you are doing well.A lot of people are throwing a lot of tools at us, all day long. We get to choose what to take and what to leave. But just for today, for a couple of days... let all that be in the background and give yourself some darn credit for doing what you can right now. And then... from that space... look at what to change.

Virutal hugs from me to you!



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