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Are the Choices You Are Making Serving You?

I’m currently 30 days into 75 hard. It’s hard to say whether it’s been hard or easy. I suppose there have been easy days: the days I hike or have energy or already have lots planned into my day. Then there are hard days: the days I’d rather not do 2 workouts, I’m tired, I don’t feel like it, or my schedule is just too darn packed. Tuesdays, for example, I work at 7, get off at 3, head to the gym to teach, workout after, and get home at 7. It’s a lot. Those days, I give myself grace. And I also count running around at the coffee shop as a workout. Slinging coffee for 7 hours sure can be. I guess, it’s what I expected it to be. Hard, but not so hard. Giving up alcohol felt harder than I expected. Drinking more water made me feel great, which I did expect. Choosing to do all this right before my brother's wedding and a new job transition and Tim being gone for 10 days was probably the best timing ever. Yes, you read that right. The best timing ever.

I started this challenge on a whim, after drinking too much wine the night before and being tired of waking up feeling gross. I thought, “why wait till Monday. It’s time right now.” I didn’t have time to overanalyze my decision or think about the pros and cons or poll the audience… I just went for it. Not being able to hit my usual suspects of booze or greasy food freed up a surprising amount of time for me to sit with things, and to actually be more present to things. Turns out, being sober at a wedding is really fun, and then eventually it’s not and then you know it’s time to go. Turns out, not having a drink as a go to when I feel anxiety means I make another choice- I breathe more. I listen to my body more.

Turns out, working out when I don’t want to is one of the best things I can do for myself- and has led to some amazing experiences- lake view walks to a friend's house to play with her puppy, hikes up The Butte, sweaty yoga practices in the wee hours of the morning. I always feel better when I move my body. Having to intentionally do it twice a day helps me on the days I’d rather not.

Turns out, when I’m conscious of how much water I drink, I’m also just more conscious of my body and what I’m really feeling each and every moment.

I don’t know if I’ve lost weight and honestly I don’t care. What I do know is I feel better on the inside. That’s where it matters most.

So, all in all, this challenge so far has reminded me that everything I do in my life all comes back to yoga. It all comes back to me being present in my life and with and for the people I love. It all comes back to honoring this physical being I get to inhabit for hopefully many years to come.

What choices are you making in your life right now? Are they serving you? Are the things you are doing and saying lining up with how you want to show up in the world? For me, things were not lining up, which is part of why I did this challenge. If it’s the same for you, perhaps you don’t need to sign up for the next hard challenge. Maybe you just need to adjust one habit or make one change that could steer you in the right direction. Ask yourself: What would serve you and/or what would make you feel more vital and alive? It could be drinking more water. Even small steps make a big difference. Figure out what the next right step could be for you.

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