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The Yoga Workshop Series for your Body, Mind & Spirit
Beach at Sunset

You love your yoga practice, but you're craving something more. 

  • You wish there was more time to work on things in class.

  • You want to know more about your body and anatomy and how things fit together.

  • You have questions you want answered.

  • You’re curious about what else yoga has to offer

You know that the Yoga is working, but you want to know WHY! 

I first got into Yoga for the physical aspect of it. I was stressed out, burnt out, and tired at my job at the time. Sweating and moving felt so good. After a while I started to notice, that something else inside me was changing. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something felt different! I felt different. I wanted to know more. 

 Everything changed when I joined a 30 day challenge.

I met a group of people who were curious like me. I got to ask lots of questions and learn about things other than yoga, like meditation. It changed how I practiced and helped me fall more in love with yoga and what it could do for me. Take it from me, don't wait to learn more about your practice. If you're excited and curious, find things that help you explore and discover. Don't settle. The learning is where the magic happens! 



Limitless is split up into three workshops: Anatomy, Meditation and Philosophy, with an in person option and an online option. 

You can take all three sessions as a pack, or you can pick and choose.

Individual sessions: $35/each

All three:  $80


Discover the more that yoga has to offer by learning about the 8 Limbs


  • Principles that will help you focus on what matters

  • Tools for loving yourself and strengthening your relationships

  • How to use breath to understand yourself.

In Person: Sunday, October 16th, 12-2pm at Alchemy Yoga and Massage

Online: Monday, October 17th, 4-6pm PST

"It was incredible to dive into yoga philosophy with Amy as a guide. She brings incredible knowledge and passion in a way that makes things fun and easy to learn."



Get a basic framework that will help you align your body and make yoga poses feel like they are accessible and actually possible


  • How your body works in most poses 

  • Ways to adapt and adjust poses for your unique body

  • How to listen to your body in each and every pose. 

  • To do challenging poses with less effort and more ease.

In Person: Sunday, October 2nd, 12-2pm at Alchemy Yoga and Massage

Online: Monday, October 3rd, 4-6pm PST

"I learned so much more than I anticipated about poses I now have an improvement in my knowledge of poses, alignment and leadership."



Make meditation not just a thing you do sitting on a cushion, but something that can help you keep your cool in the midst of hard things.


  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques that really work

  • A framework for change that lasts

  • How to listen and make choices that help you feel good.

  • To work with your mind so you are no longer consumed by worry, doubt or fear.

In Person: Sunday, October 9th, 12-1:30pm at Alchemy Yoga and Massage

Online: Monday, October 10th, 4-5:30pm PST

"Amy's programs were life changing for me at a time I needed it most. I learned ways to focus, meditate and dig deep into the core of who I AM! I have since fallen in love with the mental clarity I've gotten. My anxiety is manageable again!"

-  Amber

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