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A Year of Yoga

A way to learn more about yoga without having to want to teach it. 

You LOVE your yoga practice so much, and you are hungry to learn more

Problem is, there isn’t a lot out there besides taking a 60 minute class or taking a teacher training.

And you know there’s no way in heck you want to teach yoga. 

But you do want to learn about it! 

How the heck are you supposed to do it without dropping a shit ton of money on a training that you’re only partially excited about?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to:
  • Learn about yoga on a way deeper level without having to commit hours of your time and money?
  • Learn about the chakras and anatomy and how to do handstands and why you feel so good after a class?

Spend a whole year diving into it all. 


Yoga not just as a class, but as a lifestyle

For 12 months, you will get

1 90 minute workshop

1 3 hour immersion to practice and put it all together

1 monthly newsletter with information to help you keep it all alive.

So you can walk away

With a heck of a lot of self growth adn discovery

Understanding your yoga practice in a new way

Feeling different in your body, mind and spirit

Feeling more connected to yourself and others

With so much joy

Knowing that yoga is part of your lifestyle now- and you’re embodying it! 

Start your best year yet. 

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